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Top Four Skills That Will Never Fail You

This is a guest post from Saurabh Tyagi, Blogger, Career Author, and Digital Media Enthusiast

In the current economic scenario if you intend to make a comfortable living, more than anything else you should be relying on a set of skills. While degrees and certifications look good on paper, ultimately it is your skill or innate talent that will attract the employer or client towards you. You don’t get paid for your degree in computer science. It is what magic you can turn up with computers that will earn you a paycheck. Having settled the importance of skills, let us now examine five such competencies that will never fail you, however bad shape the economy might be in.

  • Writing

Landing a job in DubaiExcellent writing skills have many takers. Almost all business, whether online or offline is done in writing and therefore the demand of skilled writers can never seem to go down. Everybody likes a well-spoken professional, but the highest paid are those who can work up some magic while putting those words in writing. Poor writing skills reflect badly on your education, credibility and intelligence while good writing skills will present you with an undeniable advantage over others, no matter which industry you are in.

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A typically well written article, or business proposal or blog has perfect grammar, punctuation, clarity, brevity, and consistency. Even if you are not employed as a full time writer, there are plenty of freelance writing assignments available on the web that you can take to make your ends meet.

If you are motivated enough to learn writing, then pursue an online creative writing course. There are other short term regular courses in technical and business writing as well.

  • Social Media

Social Media has burst on the scene like anything. Today there is hardly any educated individual who is not using at least one social networking site. But did you know that the hours you spend sitting in front of your PC incessantly checking the Facebook newsfeed or the flow of tweet can earn you some extra cash. The way businesses have integrated social media in their marketing strategies; there is a certainty about jobs related to social media.

While higher level social media jobs require the ability to devise strategies, most businesses only need a person who has sound understanding of social media universe. A little bit of investment and efforts on your part to understand you would launch and plan a campaign to generate more leads or revenue for the business will certainly put you at the forefront of candidate pool for social media specialist jobs.

  • Basic Accounting

It couldn’t be more foolish to assume that accounting is only the domain of a student of accounting. Basic accounting is an important life skill. With the knowledge of the most commonly used software you can easily distinguish yourself from other candidates. All you need is access to programs like Simply Accounting, Peachtree and Intuit Quickbooks. If you aren’t able to find these programs, it is advised to get yourself enrolled to classes or have some of your friends to teach you a thing or two about basic accounting.

  • Web Design

Web designing jobs in DubaiEvery business that targets expansion of audience and revenue has no option but to have a web presence because that’s one place where you will find both. Thus, every company, however small or large has a website and every new company arising out of any dorm room or a garage will also require one in the future. Needless to say, web designers will never go out of demand. Just like writing, there are plenty of freelance online jobs that require the help of web designers.

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To have the boasting rights you need to know HTML, CSS, and SEO. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the main markup language while Cascading Style Sheet will help you design the look and appearance of the web pages. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, used to increase the visibility of the website in search engine results. Do not be overwhelmed with the technical sound of these skills; learning them is totally worth it.

Secrets to Getting Paid for Work From Home: Insights From a Top Freelancer

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing with Nabbesh is the security of getting paid online.  Seeing the employer put money into escrow (just a fancy way of saying into Nabbesh’s account), means you are guaranteed payments if you complete the work on time and according to the contract.  After you finish work, you also have the benefit of being rated by employers, which increases your chances of getting premium jobs, being hired again, and getting paid more for your work in the future.

Freelance logo designer Dubai

We spoke with a top rated freelance logo designer, Nadeen A, to ask her how she was able to win multiple jobs on Nabbesh and get paid online.  Here’s what she said:

You’re a top rated Graphic design freelancer, what are your secrets to winning work on Nabbesh?

I try my best to have a great portfolio so that potential clients can see the quality of my work before hiring me.

How to did you hear about Nabbesh?

My sister gave me the link and asked me to check it out because sometimes I have free time, and I’d like to fill it by designing as design is my passion.  I’ve found a way to do what I love and get paid for it at the same time.

Why do you use Nabbesh?

I like the fact that I can get rated for work I do and thus I do my best to deliver the highest quality work for my clients.  Getting rated also allows me to stand out from other freelancers and win work more easily.

In your own words, tell us what Nabbesh is?

If you’re a freelancer or even a full-timer, Nabbesh will help you find a suitable project to work on.

What’s the best part about Nabbesh?

The best part is your support department, they offer excellent support and help you in any problem you might face while using the site.

Describe your ideal client.

My ideal client is a client who knows a little about design and how the flow works rather than having to explain everything to him or her from scratch.

What do you say in your proposal/client pitch that you believe helps you stand out to employers?

Actually besides having a good portfolio, you need to address the client needs and not just copy and paste a generic reply.

What advice would you give to other freelancers to help them win work on Nabbesh?

Be creative, establish your portfolio, and be respectful when contacting clients.

Looking to hire a logo designer? Click the link to Hire Nadeen or search our latest freelance jobs.

How I turned a Passion into a Job: My Journey to Freelance Writing


The ideal that surrounds becoming a freelancer can seem very optimistic: you get to work in a space that is comfortable to you, work hours that suit you, and hey, sometimes you don’t even need to step foot outside of your house!

‘But that’s not your real job. What do you really do?’

All too often, people who would never consider freelance as a way of life, may decide to offer their own advice; the type that indirectly, yet very directly, tells you that being a freelance writer isn’t a proper job, and that it’s more of a hobby than a more ‘respectable’ 9 to 5.

However, who says that your hobby, your love for writing, drawing, designing, or whatever you’re most passionate about can’t be your full time job? Freelance doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for the opportunity to knock on your door (or more likely, email) and offer you your first gig. More often than not, freelancers are grafting, sending emails, writing till their finger tips are raw just to find that one opportunity that will get the snowball avalanching.

I called myself a writer.

No one took me seriously until I started believing it myself. The hints that this was just a phase, and in the mean time, I should be applying for ‘real jobs’ sometimes took a toll. I kept assuming that I was an aspiring author, a struggling writer, and that writing would stay as simply a hobby.

You’re a writer if you write, not if you are published or make money. It’s that simple.

Article writing from home

So I changed my email signature, told friends and family, built a resume and cover letter to send out to clients, and whenever someone asked me what I did, I would tell them this:  I’m a writer.

Not a marketing professional or that I worked at a software company, a writer.

The starting point is simply admitting to oneself that you do have the talent within yourself, and that someone out there needs your skills I organized myself as if I, Naila Missous, was a small business and began to build my platform. Your email becomes your best friend, and I would send message after message from my laptop and mobile phone wherever I was. I would offer my writing and translation services, and be confident in selling myself.

Of course, initially there are more setbacks than congratulatory emails coming your way, and your sent box may seem like throwing a letter in a bottle into the depths of the ocean: a sure fire way of never getting a response. The key is to have plenty of patience and perseverance.

I connected with others.

The internet has fast become the platform for freelancers to publicly show off, so to speak. And why not? If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Writing and then expecting a payment is like running a race and expecting a medal. You still have to beat out the others around you. For me personally, it was all about getting my name out there. I found websites that I could write for, pitch my ideas to, or send an already written draft, and I would play the waiting game. At first, you can get frustrated with a few initial low paying gigs, but you should think about it this way: you are practicing your skill and talent, and it can lead to higher paying jobs.

Steadily you begin to build a portfolio as well as a reputation. Work sometimes finds you, rather than the other way around. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth and raving reviews. If you care about your work, you’ll do your best to deliver it to the highest standard and the rest takes care of itself.

Websites like Nabbesh offer you a platform to engage with other like-minded freelancers as well as a place to showcase your talents, whatever they may be. Nabbesh initially attracted me because of its positive attitude towards freelancers: it offers freelancers of any skill to advertise their talent in an easy to use profile. The layout is clean and legible, and searching for jobs is easy.

I’m able to let future clients see my experience and I am able to keep it updated. From my language skills, journalism posts to blogs, all of them are kept up-to-date and are easily searchable.

Nabbesh allows you to market your skill set and carve out your niche. That way, you’ll only be contacted by those who specifically want your talents, and the reverse is true when you’re on the search for new ventures. The key is to customize your proposals; each client is unique and your response rate increases when you address the client’s needs and wants and how you are the best candidate for the job.

This was my journey to freelancing, and I hope I’ll inspire you to begin yours as well.

Naila Missous is a writer and translator of Arabic, French and English. Find her tweeting at @nsabrinem or hire her on Nabbesh:

8 Ways to Improve your Working Life through Online Work!

At Nabbesh we believe that talented people, no matter where they are located, should be able to choose the type of career they would like to have. While the majority of people may think that the only option is to join a company on a full time basis, we’re thrilled to offer another career option, one which gives you more control over your life and provides a wide range of benefits!

Meet “Online Work” where skilled individuals whether they define themselves as freelancer, contractor, self employed, entrepreneur, student or even employed and looking for extra income, can offer their services through an online platform such as Nabbesh, bid for projects or tasks listed by companies or individuals on the platform, deliver the work required either virtually or in person and get paid for the services provided through the platform. Now whether you’re in Dubai, Jeddah, Amman, Beirut or Cairo, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to benefit from online work!


Are you willing to try online work? Let Nabbesh bring the work to you! Sign up for free  at and start today!

What can 80,000 applications teach us about landing that freelance job on Nabbesh?

With hundreds of applications being processed through Nabbesh on a daily basis, you can say that our community owls have seen it all! In this blog post, we will share some of our learning over the past year in 5 condensed tips to help every talented freelancer stand out vis-a-vis his or her peers and land that freelance job through Nabbesh!


1 – First impressions are crucial! Build an impressive profile page.
Invest in a professional head shot. Let’s face it, our first impression of people whether online or in person, is based on how they present themselves. You want a picture that portrays your character as well as your professionalism. Take your time and fill in all fields in the Nabbesh platform and add any work samples where you can, we provide you with the tools. The more information you include about yourself, the more confidence you give the client. Be sure to add several skills, provided of course, that you are in fact experienced in those areas. Finally make sure to include a short biography that encapsulates the essence of you and your skills! See below two examples:

Example of an average biography:

I am a graphic designer and I am very good at using Adobe tools. I have 5 years experience working with an advertising agency.

Example of one that really says “Look at me…I’m pretty awesome”

Master of Arts with a technical mind. I love to learn and grow with every project I deliver. Graphic design is my passion and combined with 5 years of experience, I became a great problem solver and able to find creative solutions for every brief!

2 – Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!
Don’t give the client an excuse to eliminate you as a possible contender.  Make sure your replies are 100% free of grammatical errors — especially if it’s a writing job such a blogger or content writer. This is a sure way to be purged almost instantly. In sorting through many applications, clients generally want to go through their inbox and quickly eliminate many of the applicants. Don’t give them an excuse to reject you!

3 – Getting a job takes time. Stay on it.
Set some time apart each day to check the job listings. Be sure to read through and apply early to the ones that you are invited to apply for, since they have been matched by either Nabbesh admin or by the client. You need to invest time to get the rate of return you are looking for. The more jobs you apply for, the more you increase your chances of getting your first one. Do not give up!  Be confident in the skills you have to offer and that the right match will come along. Someone out there needs your skills and may be waiting to find you!

4 – Follow Instructions.
If a job post contains specific requests be sure to comply, whether it is your CV or work samples. Not following simple requests may weed you out, rightfully so. Clients often say that if a person cannot follow basic instructions in a job posting, they most likely are not able to do so on the job. Pay close attention! It only takes a few minutes to read the job description and craft a good application that answers the job requirements. Finally remember, that clients are human beings, so make sure to be friendly in your application and make sure to avoid “copying and pasting” the same application note to different clients, they will certainly pick up on that and they will not be impressed!

5 – Understand the requirements.
Before sending a proposal to a client, make sure you get a clear understanding of the scope of work and what is needed. Ask the right questions and be genuine about what you can and cannot do.  Do not over promise either. We have provided several options within Nabbesh to send proposals that are split by milestones, by day, month, etc. Make sure to use these tools to your advantage and only when you are confident that the scope of work is clear and the deliverables are doable, can you commit to sending a proposal and starting the work!

We leave you with some great examples of complete Nabbesh profiles. Notes that we are deliberately not highlighting the name & biography of these freelancers:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.57.38 PM copy
A profile that belongs to a Graphic Designer on Nabbesh
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.25.10 PM
A profile that belongs to a Photographer on Nabbesh

We hope that the above tips are helpful in submitting a high quality application and landing freelance jobs on Nabbesh! If you have other tips that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to add them in the comment section below.


Nabbesh’s Top 5 Tips For A Successful Freelancing Life!

Freelancing is a way of life! It starts with the yearning for independence and the drive to pursue one’s passion. Ultimately it’s a different way of thinking about work beyond the traditional 9-5 model.
Globally, independent work is becoming more popular, according to the 2012 US Freelancer’s Union; nearly 1 in 3 Americans are now freelancers.  In a 2014, Deloitte Millennial Survey (Millennials will represent 75% of the total global workforce by 2025), 70% of Millennials want to work independently at some point in their lives versus working in a traditional organisation. Times are changing!


way of work


Here Nabbesh offers the top 5 tips for becoming a successful freelancer:

1) Be honest with yourself. Start with an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.  Are your skills “freelanceable?”  For example, it may be much easier to get into freelancing if you are a copywriter or a photographer than if you are a civil engineer or an oil & gas operations person. Continue with an assessment of your communication skills. Succeeding as a freelancer means becoming an expert at “selling” your services, dealing with difficult clients, being assertive when it comes to scope of work and being an impeccable communicator. Do you have what it takes?

2) Networking is key. In the early days of freelancing, who you know can help open doors to get you those first few gigs! Platforms like Nabbesh can give you exposure to thousands of clients from across the region which instantly increases your chances of finding suitable projects & getting paid for your work. Whether you do it online or offline, networking is vital to getting you started and to your ultimate success!

3) Guard your reputation. Work on building your personal brand as a freelancer.  Use social media to position yourself as an expert in your field and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Above all make sure that you treat your clients like royalty!  Always under promise and over deliver. Take pride in what you do and deliver quality work. Take responsibility if your client is not satisfied and be honest about your capabilities. Reputation is paramount and one mistake may cost you clients, or even, your freelance career.

4) Patience is a virtue. Building a freelance career means you’re in it for the long haul. Success requires perseverance and patience. Both are needed to build a solid portfolio of clients, a steady flow of income and projects.  Don’t give up quickly if things don’t work out as quickly as you had expected!

5) Work smart, not just hard.  As a freelancer, getting the right opportunities is more critical to your success than just getting opportunities.  Don’t be afraid to offer “sample” work or give a discount to “land” a strategic client.  Do your research and carefully seek out the clients you would like to work with.  Look for opportunities to connect with them and check what your peers are doing as well and how they are presenting themselves.  This will provide you with some insight on pricing your services at the right level and make you competitive in the market. Most importantly, make sure to enjoy your work and then everything else will fall into place!


Students in the Middle East, Nabbesh is Looking for You!

nabbesh-student (1)

Nabbesh is proud to announce the launch of our Student Business Ambassador Program, and we are currently recruiting for our inaugural class of students! Please read more about this exciting new opportunity for students to see if it may be a good fit for you!

The Nabbesh Student Business Ambassador (SBA) Program

What is the Nabbesh SBA program?

The Nabbesh SBA Program is an exclusive opportunity for university students exhibiting leadership qualities to gain real-world business experience liaising between their student communities and Nabbesh. SBA’s will gain practical hands-on skills while helping to lead and empower their fellow students into the workforce the Nabbesh way.

You will be an Ambassador to your fellow students by sharing basic educational tools Nabbesh offers to students:

  • Tips to create marketable Nabbesh profiles that will help them find jobs
  • Exposure to freelance, flexible-work and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Teaching students what employers look for in entry-level candidates
  • Practical career guidance and interview practice
  • Access to a large business and employer community seeking their skills

Requirements: You must be a current university student enrolled in a full or part-time degree program. The program requires approximately 10 hours of your time each month to engage in virtual hangouts, educational opportunities, networking sessions, and on-campus events. You are not required to live in the UAE, but you are required to live in the greater MENA region.

Duration: The SBA program is a renewable 3 month arrangement between Nabbesh and the SBA candidate. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

What does Nabbesh look for in an SBA candidate?

Nabbesh looks for current university students who are preferably in their senior year and possess the following characteristics:

  • Leadership: an ability to inspire and instill action among the student body
  • Positive mindset: an ability to see open doors instead of walls
  • Energy: someone who can campaign tirelessly for a cause/ brand
  • Inspiration: the ability to inspire other students towards their future careers
  • Curiosity: the willingness to contribute ideas and learn in the process

Why work with Nabbesh?

SBA’s have the opportunity to be part of the exciting technology start-up scene in the UAE and greater MENA region by joining the fastest growing and most exciting start-up in Dubai. If you have an entrepreneurial flair or dream of starting your own business, then gaining hands-on business experience is vital to your success.

If you would like to promote a worthy brand, if you care about your community and if you want to make a difference in people’s lives, then Nabbesh is a great fit for you.

At Nabbesh, our vision is to help showcase the best in people’s skills to help everyone find jobs, particularly the youth of the Middle East.

Do you want to be part of Nabbesh’s vision? Are you excited by the prospect of helping your fellow students enrich their lives by finding meaningful jobs?

Do you want to learn from the best and work with a winning team? Do you want to contribute and have your ideas heard? Do you want to have “Nabbesh” on your CV?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then the Nabbesh SBA program is a great starting point for you.

We invite you to apply today! For more information and to view the application please visit this link or e-mail

Announcing the Launch of Nabbesh’s Payment Services


A message from Nabbesh Founders to all our Friends & Owls.

Nabbesh is very proud to announce the launch of our new payment services, bringing us one step closer to providing our community of nearly 30,000 freelancers all the tools you need to work your way — and get paid!  At Nabbesh, our vision is to be the preeminent platform for every independent worker and freelancer in the MENA region, providing you with a simple, easy to use, one-stop platform, to bring you more work opportunities and financial prosperity.

Our Vision: To connect every freelancer in the MENA region with a job!

When we started Nabbesh, we began with only a vision and the determination to make that vision a reality by improving the way MENA’s men, women, and youth work.  Our goal is to create a virtual marketplace for people looking to break out of the confines of outdated work models.  Technology has already revolutionized the ways we connect with friends, search for music, and now the way we search for, find, and get paid for project-based work!

One of our community members, Tariq Mehmood, was able to showcase his work to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, all because of Nabbesh.  Nabbesh is truly a marketplace that provides unlimited exposure and merit based opportunities for our community, no matter where they live.

freelance work dubai

Nabbesh also prides itself on listening and quickly adapting to the needs of our highly-skilled community.  In a recent study, Nabbesh found that 30% of our freelancers have had a client who never paid them!  For us, that number was too high, and we personally know the negative impact that not getting paid can have on your daily lives.  So we worked hard to provide a solution to this problem!

 Getting Paid Just Got Easier

We know that there are risks associated with working for someone across borders, or online, and we also know that not everyone can commute to an office or work in more traditional ways.  But we see the potential in you, and we have harnessed technology to make getting paid securely online simple. Our new payment system now allows you to send a work proposal, a deposit request or an invoice, while providing an escrow service, giving you more peace of mind.

What does this mean exactly?  It means that people like Ameera in Jordan can work for people like Sami in Dubai, negotiate a work proposal on Nabbesh, and Ameera can actually see the deposit that Sami makes online through Nabbesh before she even begins her work.  And with our credit card payment options and our options to receive payments through bank transfer, we have improved the way you hire, pay, and receive money for your work.  No bank account?  No problem!  Nabbesh also offers simple payments through money transfer services (i.e., Western Union).  We are taking the headache out of freelancing in this region.

Benefits of Nabbesh’s New Services:

-No need for paperwork. Send proposals, deposit requests & invoices via Nabbesh

-Transparency & convenience through secure online payments

-Freelancers can receive payments via bank or money transfer services (i.e., Western Union)

-Track project history, agreements, milestone changes, all in one place on Nabbesh

-A two way rating system which helps you build a reputation and improve your visibility

We hope you like the new and improved Nabbesh!  Work your way and try it today!

Loulou Khazen Baz & Rima Al Sheikh

Freelance Jobs in Over 100 Middle Eastern Cities on Nabbesh

Nabbesh has launched in June 2012 in Dubai and ever since we have been working really hard to cultivate the freelance movement in the region and be the platform that empowers freelancers to showcase their skills, gain exposure and connect with clients. Whilst many of you may think that we are a job site catering to the UAE, the truth is we have grown a lot since our launch to become the “go to” marketplace for professional service providers or freelancers in the region and we wanted our community to know about that.



Looking through the 2,000+ freelance projects that have been posted on Nabbesh since the beginning of the 2013, we are proud to assure freelancers everywhere in the Middle East – there’s an employer out there who needs YOU.  So far we have had jobs from employers in over 100 Cities in the Middle East & North Africa, and even some from the US and Europe. How’s that?

Month on month, over 300 jobs are posted from various cities. Aside from the UAE, the majority of freelance gigs on Nabbesh are originating from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. We are also proud to have an increasing number of jobs from Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. A recent survey done by Nabbesh in September 2013 highlighted that 35% of employers registered on Nabbesh are open to hire freelancers residing in a geographic location different to their own, this truly emphasises Nabbesh’s unique position to be the regional marketplace where people connect & sell their services.

If you are a freelancer or a supporter of the freelance movement, and if you want to help talent in the Middle East find work opportunities, then we have a modest request! Please share this post on the interwebs to spread the word so we can build a vibrant regional marketplace and create more wealth to our Nabbesh community.

Nabbesh freelancers! Here are 5 tips to land a job via Nabbesh.

We have recently been on a hiring spree to grow the Nabbesh team by recruiting expert freelancers from across the Middle East to work on specific tasks or even manage certain business areas.

Our needs range from technology related jobs, to data analysis tasks to business development and community management! So of course we put Nabbesh to the test!

We were not able to fill all the positions yet, however we thought we’d share with you our top 5 tips to land a job via Nabbesh. Quite frankly, these tips are built into our selection criteria!

1 – Be professional

No matter how friendly or casual a job description may seem, make sure your application is professional. Do not use jokes, caps, shorthand or inappropriate language. Before you submit your application, make sure it is free of typos or major grammatical errors; it can be a turn off for employers. Make sure you spell the employer or the company’s name correctly. If English is not your first language then clearly mention it in your application in order to set the expectations, employers will respect you for that.

2 – Read the job description

There is nothing more off-putting to employers than someone responding in a generic way for a specific job description. For example “I am interested” or “I can do the job” which can signal to the employer that you did not make any effort to address his or her needs. Take the time to read the job post, understand the requirements and address them in your application. Highlight key strengths that you may have in relation to the job like relevant industry or market experience, refer to your skills listed on your Nabbesh profile page as well as highlight your portfolio on Nabbesh.

3 – Be specific in your application

Employers have a short attention span and they quickly scan for relevant information with respect to their job post. Be brief, make sure you get the employer’s attention but not necessarily tell them your life story. Do not by any shape or form copy and paste your CV into the job application as this will certainly lead to your application being ignored. From our experience, CVs are secondary to how you phrase your job application and how you convince the employer that you are the person for the job!

4 – Show your enthusiasm

It is quite nice when you end your application with comforting notes like how much you would love to work for the employer, that you are willing to provide the employer with additional information if needed, that you are available to start immediately and that this is an opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss! Flattery goes a long way.

5- Follow up

Employers may be busy and may forget to respond, or they may have several applicants that they are interviewing or several proposals to go through. If you follow the above tips, we are almost 100% sure that you will get a response. In case you don’t, it is always beneficial to drop the employer a gentle reminder mentioning that you are looking forward to hear from them and always offer additional information if needed to further emphasize why you are perfect for the job!

We wish you good luck! And we are still taking applications for the jobs on Nabbesh. To apply please visit