Top Four Skills That Will Never Fail You

This is a guest post from Saurabh Tyagi, Blogger, Career Author, and Digital Media Enthusiast

In the current economic scenario if you intend to make a comfortable living, more than anything else you should be relying on a set of skills. While degrees and certifications look good on paper, ultimately it is your skill or innate talent that will attract the employer or client towards you. You don’t get paid for your degree in computer science. It is what magic you can turn up with computers that will earn you a paycheck. Having settled the importance of skills, let us now examine five such competencies that will never fail you, however bad shape the economy might be in.

  • Writing

Landing a job in DubaiExcellent writing skills have many takers. Almost all business, whether online or offline is done in writing and therefore the demand of skilled writers can never seem to go down. Everybody likes a well-spoken professional, but the highest paid are those who can work up some magic while putting those words in writing. Poor writing skills reflect badly on your education, credibility and intelligence while good writing skills will present you with an undeniable advantage over others, no matter which industry you are in.

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A typically well written article, or business proposal or blog has perfect grammar, punctuation, clarity, brevity, and consistency. Even if you are not employed as a full time writer, there are plenty of freelance writing assignments available on the web that you can take to make your ends meet.

If you are motivated enough to learn writing, then pursue an online creative writing course. There are other short term regular courses in technical and business writing as well.

  • Social Media

Social Media has burst on the scene like anything. Today there is hardly any educated individual who is not using at least one social networking site. But did you know that the hours you spend sitting in front of your PC incessantly checking the Facebook newsfeed or the flow of tweet can earn you some extra cash. The way businesses have integrated social media in their marketing strategies; there is a certainty about jobs related to social media.

While higher level social media jobs require the ability to devise strategies, most businesses only need a person who has sound understanding of social media universe. A little bit of investment and efforts on your part to understand you would launch and plan a campaign to generate more leads or revenue for the business will certainly put you at the forefront of candidate pool for social media specialist jobs.

  • Basic Accounting

It couldn’t be more foolish to assume that accounting is only the domain of a student of accounting. Basic accounting is an important life skill. With the knowledge of the most commonly used software you can easily distinguish yourself from other candidates. All you need is access to programs like Simply Accounting, Peachtree and Intuit Quickbooks. If you aren’t able to find these programs, it is advised to get yourself enrolled to classes or have some of your friends to teach you a thing or two about basic accounting.

  • Web Design

Web designing jobs in DubaiEvery business that targets expansion of audience and revenue has no option but to have a web presence because that’s one place where you will find both. Thus, every company, however small or large has a website and every new company arising out of any dorm room or a garage will also require one in the future. Needless to say, web designers will never go out of demand. Just like writing, there are plenty of freelance online jobs that require the help of web designers.

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To have the boasting rights you need to know HTML, CSS, and SEO. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the main markup language while Cascading Style Sheet will help you design the look and appearance of the web pages. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, used to increase the visibility of the website in search engine results. Do not be overwhelmed with the technical sound of these skills; learning them is totally worth it.

Secrets to Getting Paid for Work From Home: Insights From a Top Freelancer

One of the biggest benefits of freelancing with Nabbesh is the security of getting paid online.  Seeing the employer put money into escrow (just a fancy way of saying into Nabbesh’s account), means you are guaranteed payments if you complete the work on time and according to the contract.  After you finish work, you also have the benefit of being rated by employers, which increases your chances of getting premium jobs, being hired again, and getting paid more for your work in the future.

Freelance logo designer Dubai

We spoke with a top rated freelance logo designer, Nadeen A, to ask her how she was able to win multiple jobs on Nabbesh and get paid online.  Here’s what she said:

You’re a top rated Graphic design freelancer, what are your secrets to winning work on Nabbesh?

I try my best to have a great portfolio so that potential clients can see the quality of my work before hiring me.

How to did you hear about Nabbesh?

My sister gave me the link and asked me to check it out because sometimes I have free time, and I’d like to fill it by designing as design is my passion.  I’ve found a way to do what I love and get paid for it at the same time.

Why do you use Nabbesh?

I like the fact that I can get rated for work I do and thus I do my best to deliver the highest quality work for my clients.  Getting rated also allows me to stand out from other freelancers and win work more easily.

In your own words, tell us what Nabbesh is?

If you’re a freelancer or even a full-timer, Nabbesh will help you find a suitable project to work on.

What’s the best part about Nabbesh?

The best part is your support department, they offer excellent support and help you in any problem you might face while using the site.

Describe your ideal client.

My ideal client is a client who knows a little about design and how the flow works rather than having to explain everything to him or her from scratch.

What do you say in your proposal/client pitch that you believe helps you stand out to employers?

Actually besides having a good portfolio, you need to address the client needs and not just copy and paste a generic reply.

What advice would you give to other freelancers to help them win work on Nabbesh?

Be creative, establish your portfolio, and be respectful when contacting clients.

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