As business owners, managers or professionals, each one of us is continuously bombarded with messages all day long, eating up at our time – our most precious resource. Gone are the days were abundance meant strength as we usher in the days of curation and customization.

As an entrepreneur, the need to manage my time more efficiently means, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize my day and shave a few minutes or hours here and there by delegating and outsourcing. Yes, I hire a lot of freelancers. and other platforms solved one part of the problem for me, they gave me access to freelancers, many of them. But I still had to do a lot of work, reading applications, shortlisting, asking more questions, negotiating rates and more. The process was still too time consuming and the risk for a hit or a miss was still there.

I know what you’re thinking, “ratings”. From my experience, ratings are part of the story but are in no way the metric by which you judge someone’s ability to do the work that you need. My 5-star rating is different then yours and there is a lot of subjectivity in there, particularly when it comes to creative tasks.

It also became apparent that our clients shared the same pain as me. Many getting overwhelmed with choice and sometimes lack thereof. Our clients demanded a higher degree of curation.

“Can you just send me 1 or 2 people who can do the job, I don’t have time to interview, I trust your judgement” they would tell us.

So we listened. As of today, we have introduce “recommended” which is a feature that highlights some of our top freelancers. Not only is this recommendation based on reviews from clients, our team interviews and vets these freelancers via an interview process. Our clients will get “top freelancers” applying for their jobs. When you visit today you will experience the following changes:

New Platform. Completely revamped and easy to use. We’ve gone to the drawing board, learnt from your feedback and created an experience that removes friction in the on-demand skills market. The new platform will roll out in two phases: sourcing and hiring now, collaboration and payments in Q1 2016.

Hiring Process. Post a job, and one of our project managers will get in touch with you. After the discussion, we will match your job with up to 5 Nabbesh freelancers who will send you a quote for the work. From there, you can communicate with and choose the best freelancer for the job.

Top Talent. Curated talent pool, including top talent from emerging markets. We’ve spoken to, interviewed and tested various freelancers across several industries and countries, verified their skill set and put a stamp of approval.

The search for freelancers, screening multiple candidates and determining skill levels is over. With our dedicated project manager, we’ve taken away the pain from temporary hiring, making it faster and easier for you to take decisions, matching your jobs to top freelancers behind the scenes in minutes.

You can now live the new Nabbesh experience and grow your business, the first phase of the new platform is live on It’s mobile friendly, with a new simplified design. If you have feedback for us or have questions about the changes, get in touch on

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