15 second summary: Nabbesh.com’s project managers will moderate all jobs to ensure clients have a current demand and a realistic budget versus scope of work. Then they will invite a few vetted freelancers that best match the client’s requirements to quote on the project. Once selected, you can message, collaborate, transfer files and request payments through Nabbesh.com’s new workspace!  Moreover, our project managers will set the deposit amount to be paid in escrow depending on the project’s risk.

Have time to learn more? Read below.

In our bid to become a safe haven for great freelancers and a channel for them to promote their skills, win more jobs and get timely payments, we have supercharged our platform to upgrade the work experience. Here is a list of the new features and how they impact your freelancing experience:

Better Jobs. All our jobs are screened and a call is made to each client by Nabbesh.com project managers to ensure that the scope is clear, the budget is realistic and the client is serious about getting work done.

Less Competition. Nabbesh.com project managers will invite up to 5 freelancers to quote on a project. This step will dramatically increase your chances of winning projects. 

No Job Search. If you are new to Nabbesh.com, make sure to complete your profile to increase your chances of being invited by our project managers to quote on jobs. To keep receiving invites to quote, make sure to accept or reject invitations and provide a valid reason. To win more jobs, keep your award rate high (number of quotations sent versus number of jobs won) in order not to lower your eligibility ranking.

New Workspace. Communicate and collaborate with one or many clients. Send messages, transfer files, request payments and manage your jobs on the new Nabbesh.com workspace. No more deposit requests, proposals or invoices, just request a payment!

Payment Protection. Nabbesh.com project managers will assess the project risk and duration and will require the client to make a deposit into escrow before starting the work with you. These funds will be used in case of disputes or client default.

Fee Calculator. When you send your quote to the client the standard Nabbesh.com fees of 15% will be added and a calculator will show the net payment to you. You can adjust your quote amount accordingly. Nabbesh.com fees may be subject to special promotions or discounts depending on your activity level. All payments initiated by the client will be subject to the 15% Nabbesh.com fees and you will receive the net amount.

Freelancer Metrics. All your activities on Nabbesh.com will help you build metrics that will impact the number of invites you receive to quote on jobs. The more responsive you are and the more jobs you win, the higher your chances will be to win jobs.

Now you can benefit from better quality jobs, better budgets, payment security and a more organized way to manage your clients not to forget the dispute resolution services of Nabbesh.com’s customer success team. We hope you enjoy your new Nabbesh.com work experience! For questions about the latest changes, get in touch on support@nabbesh.com.


  1. Hello there,

    I have one question. If I move to another Gulf country and can work on remote site there. How can I update my living country status on Nabbesh?



    1. Hello Sonia, you need to go to your account settings and change the location. You can still work via Nabbesh!


  2. Great changes and improvement for the sake of freelancers, clients and Nabbesh. I wish you all the best


  3. Lots of thanks to the dedicated team of Nabbesh. I am so proud to be a member of this great market place. I wish you all the best.


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