We’re a team of passionate individuals building, the Arab world’s largest freelance marketplace, giving you access to 100k+ talented individuals. Our diverse network delivers great work for top companies and entrepreneurs.

The gig-economy is a growing global force that is changing the way people work. More people are seeking independence, fulfillment and choice, leading them to the freelance route. Contrary to what some may think, freelancers are typically experts in their fields and have accumulated experience and confidence to go down this path.

Our respect and admiration for freelancers have led us to become advocates of the freelance movement in the Arab world and driven us to build a marketplace that connects freelancers with opportunities and protects them by guaranteeing their payment via an escrow service.

Since our foundation in Dubai in 2012, Nabbesh has build a diverse community of freelancers from the Arab region and the world. Our community of freelancers has delivered projects for top companies, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to get things done. Thousands of connections have been made, relationships forged and wealth generated via Nabbesh.

Our mission is to keep adding value to our community of freelancers by bringing opportunities to them and our hope is for everyone to benefit from the enormous value being created. As pioneers in the freelance work, it is our duty to set the right building blocks by delivering great work, acting with integrity and becoming the brand ambassadors of the freelance movement. All eyes are on us and you (our freelancers).

 The road ahead is very exciting as we continue to “Power local economies through work”.

Whilst talent is global, we believe that our value lies in encouraging top companies to hire home grown talent and increasing the flow of jobs within the local economy. If we take a look at the world’s emerging markets we see an abundance of untapped talent which can be harnessed to become a powerful skilled, dedicated and affordable workforce.

At Nabbesh, we’re not only about “virtual work”, we believe that a large opportunity lies within the “onsite” services. Our clients will be given the choice between working with local talent or working virtually with talent from the world’s emerging markets. Our guarantee is that our clients will always get “top talent”.

Our offering in a nutshell!

  • Access to top freelancers that are right for your project
  • Choose between “onsite” local talent or remote workers
  • Superior platform enabling companies to hire, manage and pay talent safely
  • Make online payments or choose alternative payment methods
  • Project management solutions to deliver on large projects

Let’s get work done! Get started on


  1. My daughter just told me about Nebbesh – I’ve just been poking around the site, and I’m thrilled to see that the founder is a woman!


  2. Nabbesh is a very good platform for freelancer to get projects and for companies to look for freelancer.


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