Finding great talent that understands your needs is one of the most challenging tasks an entrepreneur faces on a daily basis.

An overworked and stretched Entrepreneur could spend anywhere between 3 to 4 days up to 3 months to find great talent. It’s a talent war out there and a fight for the best!

One option is to hire local freelancers, people who on top of having great skills, actually “Get you”. Cultural and team fit is a big deal in a young company’s life! So finding someone who can get things done is a Godsend!

The Nabbesh team must have hired over 30 freelancers (at a minimum) over the past 3 years and whilst some were a miss rather than a hit, we eventually found that hiring local talent can add value in 4 key ways.


1.We (Middle Eastern people) are social people, we like to talk to someone and preferably physically met them. This builds trust and creates a relationship with the freelancer. It also helps clarify the project scope and what is needed in the event a client didn’t know what they wanted in the first place! Trust us, it is a common occurrence. Whilst global online work places are mostly about “virtual work”, we find that most local and regional companies on Nabbesh are more prone to want to meet the freelancers.


2. If you strip it down to basics, we tend to like people who are like us so culture plays a big role! Although most Arabs speak English, nothing beats speaking in Arabic in your own dialect, saying something that the freelancer will understand. It just makes working with someone a lot easier. They’re also in the same time zone or few hours behind which will allow you even to extend your work day, do more with your distributed team or reach out to more customers.


3. If you care to operate and grow your local market you need people that understand the local nuances. If you’re hiring a marketer, a social media expert, a PR executive, a corporate identity designer or even a translator, you need people who understand the habits and consumer behaviour not only the city or country in which you operate but also understand the region in which you operate.


4. Hiring local means you’re playing a key role in growing the local economy. There are many talented people in your city, country or in the MENA region who can potentially become your customers!

Hire home grown talent and help create a virtuous circle of empowering talent who would potentially become employers and job creators themselves!

To find top screened and curated talent from the region, visit or Post a Job! Our project managers will handpick the best talent for you!


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