As part of the Fursati commitment to encouraging, empowering and educating Palestinian talent into the world of skills sharing and virtual work, we are currently facilitating workshops in Gaza.

The point of the workshops is to recruit the best Palestinian talent and to help them register on, and understand the platform and to provide them with the necessary training to be able to bid, win and deliver on virtual jobs. We have 190 freelancers registered to attend the workshops, in both Gaza and The West Bank and currently have 100 fully trained talent who are ready and waiting to take your brief, and deliver your work.

Freelancers are guided along the way by Afnane Al-Hayek, our community manager in Palestine. The enthusiasm for Fursati amongst the freelancers is easy to see, and the open dialogue at the workshops provide a great learning and networking opportunity for Palestine based freelancers to learn more about, and how the process can work for them.

It’s important to show potential employers across the GCC the Fursati commitment to quality, and all participants have had their applications and work samples screened prior to workshop attendance. Online profiles contain portfolios and more.


Fursati workshops are designed to empower the freelancers as much as the job opportunities will – a confident freelancer is ready and waiting to give your job the attention it deserves, and the Fursati team are hear to support both them , and the job creating employers along the way.

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