Nabbesh Payoneer 2

Nabbesh users around the world can now get paid for freelance jobs directly through our new payment system, Payoneer, who offer faster, more flexible, more secure and lower cost payment solutions to receive and withdraw money from Nabbesh.

After listening to your feedback about payment speed, convenience and the rising fees for money transfers, we have been looking for a fast and convenient way to offer savings to all users and are therefore very excited to announce this new update.

Payoneer’s Convenient Solutions

  • Receive your funds in minutes through the Payoneer MasterCard® Card
  • Receive your funds through the Local Bank Transfer Service for only $3

Why did Nabbesh Switch?

Payoneer card blog post Nabbesh

Very Low Transfer Fees

Freelancers have so far been subject to approximately $10 USD internationally and $5 USD locally for money transfers. Payoneer will offer a flat fee of $3 USD for all payments of any size.

Time Consuming

Although previous payments like Western Union (WU) are seemingly fast, they require you to fill forms and physically be at WU offices or kiosks to receive your money. This will no longer be required as Payoneer will offer transfers directly from Nabbesh to your Payoneer account.

No Unnecessary Withdrawals

When a freelancer gets paid, you are required to withdraw the funds from WU into cash or deposit them into your account. Payoneer will allow you to keep money in your Payoneer account and withdraw it or spend it however and whenever you want.

Payoneer is Borderless

In some countries that do not have U.S affiliated banks, payment transfers and processing can be extremely difficult and expensive. Payoneer will allow Nabbesh to send quicker, easier and lower cost payments to all freelancers in over 200 countries, in over 150 currencies.

Payment Convenience

Payoneer users are offered a prepaid MasterCard® card. Nabbesh can pay you directly to your Payoneer account, enabling you to use your card to withdraw money from any ATM, or spend it directly in-store or online with anyone who accepts MasterCard, anywhere around the world.

Nabbesh will be rolling out this new service on 16th August, and we will be more than happy to answer all your question on the support line or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Alternatively, you can also find details on FAQ page.

Nabbesh Payment Payoneer

To get started click on the register to Payoneer button on the banner above or go to your account settings and select the desired Payoneer service.

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