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Predicting conversions though email marketing can be a tiresome job simply because the one thing that you can never predict is your receiver’s reaction upon receiving your emails. True you can optimize your emailing marketing strategies buy following relevant guides, but if you’re emails aren’t working then at the very least that does imply that you’re doing something wrong.Maybe one or more of the following.

Your emails just lack that ‘wow’ factor.

This may sound very generic, but the truth is if you aren’t experiencing any conversions via email marketing, then that means that people are either not impressed by your copy or are not opening the email altogether because this is after all one of the tools through which you can achieve superb SEO results.The subject line in this instance is obviously of more relevance since that is the first that receiver reads.

Take time to review your subject lines and the content your sending in emails. It needs to be concise, catchy and to an extent personalized to be able to stand out of a hundred other emails in someone’s inbox.

You’re not sticking to the subject

If that’s the case, then you’re terrible at marketing as well.

When a receiver opens an email after reading the subject line, her or she specifically looks for content that is related to the subject line in the email. You can have an email that has ‘wow’ written all over it, but if it does not have what the receiver is looking for after reading teh subject line, there’s no way  he’s coming back to you.

Your emails might be a tad bit overwhelming.

Emails that are high on visual design – also known as visual noise, tend to be a email killer too. Given that in today’s time most people access their email on a smart device or better said a small screen, too much clutter tends to overwhelm the receiver. Being overwhelmed by excessive design elements, visual, too many call-to-action options and the lack of simplicity can be a major turn off for the receiver.

Responsive design is great, but not for a crowded design and definitely not for an even more crowded email either.

More choices can be more costly.

Any and every marketer should know this – too many choices results in no choices at all. Surprisingly not many still follow this ideal. Maybe it’s the fact that having too much to sift through makes the receiver a bit confused or the fact that it just takes longer to go through that many options, you lose conversions either ways.

For instance Kickstarter – has so much going on at any given point. Yet the email they send out just has a limiting number of choices up on it; one heading, one visual and one week to check it out. And it takes hardly any time to process that information.

You might not be directing people properly.

When it comes to sending emails in the form of visual newsletters, one this that is important is the clarity and the path through which the actual message is delivered. This not only means that the call-to-action needs to be clearly visible, but it also means that your content has to be designed in such a way that effectively directs people to it. Naturally… if the receiver can’t figure out what, where and how to do it, you’re obviously not getting anything in return!

What’s in it for your receiver?

Saying that the receiver is selfish would be a bit of a stretch, but as recipients, the first thing we evaluate is what’s the message, what are we getting out of it, what’s in it for us… and most importantly why should we even care?

As marketers, all we do is promote our own products and services. What we fail to do is put ourselves in the receivers seat and assess what the receiver would actually want out of the whole process. and as a result, most receivers probably turn away as there’s nothing in it for them or their existence. A little giving always helps with a little taking.

So tell us… are your emails not converting because of what we just pointed out? 

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