Living in the Middle East, you might have issues from time to time if you can’t speak or understand Arabic. Legal documents, traffic fines, contracts, etc might all be in Arabic and there would always be a need to either learn Arabic ( Its tough! ) or Hire a Arabic translator to back you up.

Its always great to have free tools around to help us in hard times but having too many tools puts the person in dilemma not knowing which tool to trust. The best way to tackle this would be go through some reviews and get started.

Although its always best to hire a human arabic translator, there are more than a few great Arabic translation tools out there and my aim is to help you decide which one to use. I will take sample text and paste then across different tools and see which one returns the best results.

Hire Arabic Translator

No matter how many tools you try, I know it for a fact that you will never get anything perfect because computers can understand words but understanding the context of the document, article or sentence is something only humans can do. Get started by finding some of the best Arabic to English translators here;

Now lets get started with some of the Best and Free arabic translation tools. I have selected a paragraph that has a few repeating words with different context so see how smart these tools are.

Top 4 Free Arabic Translation Tools

#1 – Google Translate

English to Arabic Translation

Screenshot 2014-12-18 16.05.48

The arabic translation says I “cant” pay someone to do it. I want to hire, but I can’t really pay. The word “charge” was translated correctly but not accurately. It translated “charge” as in charging a mobile or any other electronic device. Finally, the paragraph is incomplete and ends with out the object and doesn’t define what exactly is needed.

Should you use it ? Yeah! but never rely on it.

Arabic to English Translation

Now lets try the other way around. I have translated the text in Arabic manually but lets see how well can the tool translate.

Best Arabic to English translation tool

A few minor mistakes but works very well and would definitely do the job.

#2 – Babylon Translator

English to Arabic Translation

Babylon English to Arabic translation

The translation is incomplete and hard to understand. However, it was smart enough to understand and identify the tool’s name ( Microsoft Word ) and did not translate it. 

Arabic to English Translation

Babylon Arabic to English Translation

A little more than a few minor mistakes. The reader might not get the translation at first but its almost there.

#3 – SystraNET Arabic translator

English to Arabic Translation

Systranet English to Arabic translation

The translation is meaning less. I would never use this tool again knowing how bad it is.

Arabic to English Translation

SYSTRANet Arabic to English translation

This makes no sense too but I find it quite funny. I might be using it over the weekend with my little brother to have a little fun.

#4 – Bing Arabic Translator

Bing English to Arabic Translation 

Bing English to Arabic Translation

It translated “instructions” instead of “help” implying that I only need a little guidance but I can do the translation myself. It also translated “someone pays” instead of “pay someone”. Next, it says “how much will you accuse” instead of “how much (money) will you charge”. Lastly, its incomplete. A complete translation would mention the object again in the end of the sentence i.e. “how quickly can you complete THE WORK” while the translation ends The translation says: “how fast can you complete”

Bing Arabic to English Translation

Bing English TranslatorThis is pretty accurate. I would definitely rate this as the best Arabic to English translator.

The results

I have mentioned a couple of times above but I’d like to mention it again, hire a translator! They aren’t really expensive and could give you quality work. A student in Egypt would cost you a few buks for every 50 to 100 words but if you were to use a free arabic translation tool, I’d prefer to use Google for English to Arabic and Bing for Arabic to English translations.

If you are a translator, you may start by Finding Arabic translation jobs.

Get started below

Screenshot 2015-01-14 11.37.28 Screenshot 2015-01-14 11.37.47

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