This a guest post from Adnan Karimjee, an Entrepreneur in Dubai and a Client Relationship Manager at inkMASH

Startups aren’t for everyone. It is not your typical 8 hour, 5 days a week job. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions that will take you on some lows and some frequent highs – but yet, the rewards are phenomenal. But before you go sending your CV to the latest and greatest start-ups, have a read on the lessons I have learnt while working for a startup.

1. Leave Your Pride At The Door

One of my duties every morning would be to water the plants before getting down to work. You have to be completely comfortable doing all sorts of tasks which in larger company may have help to cover. Making coffee while between sales calls or picking up lunch for the rest of the team are just some of the random tasks you can be expected to do in startups.

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2. Expect the Unexpected

From ever changing HR policies to a one off events where you are thrown off your comfort zone. You should prepare yourself to deal with the unexpected but embrace it as much as you can. There is a great learning curve in startups and you should definitely take advantage of any situation. But remember, no more matter the circumstance, always be positive.

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3. Maintain a mixed wardrobe

I remember the first day at my first experience with a startup I was wearing a suit. Within 3 months (and the onslaught of summer) had myself in shorts. Obviously you need to keep your suit pressed for meetings and exhibitions but you should keep a mixed wardrobe. It is definitely refreshing and in my opinion helped nurture a more creative work environment.

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