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Happy Birthday Nabbesh!

Earlier today, we sent all 40,000 of our loyal community members the below message thanking you all for inspiring us over the past 2 years.  We asked you all to celebrate with us by tweeting #happybirthdayNabbesh, and tweet you did!  Thanks to all of your amazing stories, freelance jobs, support, and tweets!


Thank you for being part of our community and part of our success. For 2 years, you have inspired us by sharing your amazing stories and sending us wonderful support e-mails!

From designers to software engineers, translators, photographers, tutors, artists and many more, whether you hired an expert or found work through Nabbesh, we’re proud to have been part of that journey! Our promise is to continue improving and growing our marketplace, which now spans 130 countries across the world!


Over 5,000 jobs have been created, and since we’ve launched our payment services and two-way rating and review system, we’ve managed to create thousands of dollars in payments for our community – that’s you! Many businesses in the region are already using to find the right people. Over 90% of our online work came from the UAE and 37% of those jobs were filled across national borders creating thousands of remote work opportunities for residents of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi, and Palestine.

As we continue to grow, our objective remains the same – to promote online work and create jobs for talented people across the Arab world. To support us in our cause we ask that you share the love with your network and tweet to us @nabbeshtweets using #happybirthdayNabbesh or recommend us to your friends and family on Facebook!

We look forward to many more celebrations and yes, to great freelance work! Thank you for being the best part of Nabbesh.

A special thank you to all of our amazing tweeps for sharing the twitter love.  You keep us going!  Here’s what our twitter feed looked like earlier today!  Thanks for the love! #happybirthdayNabbesh







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