With hundreds of applications being processed through Nabbesh on a daily basis, you can say that our community owls have seen it all! In this blog post, we will share some of our learning over the past year in 5 condensed tips to help every talented freelancer stand out vis-a-vis his or her peers and land that freelance job through Nabbesh!


1 – First impressions are crucial! Build an impressive profile page.
Invest in a professional head shot. Let’s face it, our first impression of people whether online or in person, is based on how they present themselves. You want a picture that portrays your character as well as your professionalism. Take your time and fill in all fields in the Nabbesh platform and add any work samples where you can, we provide you with the tools. The more information you include about yourself, the more confidence you give the client. Be sure to add several skills, provided of course, that you are in fact experienced in those areas. Finally make sure to include a short biography that encapsulates the essence of you and your skills! See below two examples:

Example of an average biography:

I am a graphic designer and I am very good at using Adobe tools. I have 5 years experience working with an advertising agency.

Example of one that really says “Look at me…I’m pretty awesome”

Master of Arts with a technical mind. I love to learn and grow with every project I deliver. Graphic design is my passion and combined with 5 years of experience, I became a great problem solver and able to find creative solutions for every brief!

2 – Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!
Don’t give the client an excuse to eliminate you as a possible contender.  Make sure your replies are 100% free of grammatical errors — especially if it’s a writing job such a blogger or content writer. This is a sure way to be purged almost instantly. In sorting through many applications, clients generally want to go through their inbox and quickly eliminate many of the applicants. Don’t give them an excuse to reject you!

3 – Getting a job takes time. Stay on it.
Set some time apart each day to check the job listings. Be sure to read through and apply early to the ones that you are invited to apply for, since they have been matched by either Nabbesh admin or by the client. You need to invest time to get the rate of return you are looking for. The more jobs you apply for, the more you increase your chances of getting your first one. Do not give up!  Be confident in the skills you have to offer and that the right match will come along. Someone out there needs your skills and may be waiting to find you!

4 – Follow Instructions.
If a job post contains specific requests be sure to comply, whether it is your CV or work samples. Not following simple requests may weed you out, rightfully so. Clients often say that if a person cannot follow basic instructions in a job posting, they most likely are not able to do so on the job. Pay close attention! It only takes a few minutes to read the job description and craft a good application that answers the job requirements. Finally remember, that clients are human beings, so make sure to be friendly in your application and make sure to avoid “copying and pasting” the same application note to different clients, they will certainly pick up on that and they will not be impressed!

5 – Understand the requirements.
Before sending a proposal to a client, make sure you get a clear understanding of the scope of work and what is needed. Ask the right questions and be genuine about what you can and cannot do.  Do not over promise either. We have provided several options within Nabbesh to send proposals that are split by milestones, by day, month, etc. Make sure to use these tools to your advantage and only when you are confident that the scope of work is clear and the deliverables are doable, can you commit to sending a proposal and starting the work!

We leave you with some great examples of complete Nabbesh profiles. Notes that we are deliberately not highlighting the name & biography of these freelancers:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.57.38 PM copy
A profile that belongs to a Graphic Designer on Nabbesh
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.25.10 PM
A profile that belongs to a Photographer on Nabbesh

We hope that the above tips are helpful in submitting a high quality application and landing freelance jobs on Nabbesh! If you have other tips that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to add them in the comment section below.



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