We posted a job for a part time graphic designer, thanks to all of you who responded so far

Its great to see all the work and portfolios, Community Owl has been getting in with those of you who haven’t linked your behance / dribbble work to your Nabbesh profile.

This is going to be really important for Nabbesh 3.0 to be released very shortly. Simply take the URL for an individual piece of work (from any other platform) and link it in the relevant place in the toolbox. You’ll end up with a more visual profile that looks something like this.  Getting a quick view of all your work in one place is really important for employers.  They prioritize ease of decision making

We’re also doing this exercise to help the hundreds of other people that want to employ graphic designers, but aren’t sure how to go about it. We’ve spent time thinking about exactly what we want done in detail, and allocated a certain number of hours for each task then added a buffer.

We’re trying to find out hourly rates as well, some of you will have received messages about this, not because we want to find the least expensive option, but because we want to know approximate ranges.  We won’t make these public

We know that to make your job easier, information is important.  And we’ll be sharing best practice with future employers so that they can get the job done quicker, and you can work more efficiently.

If you are a graphic designer or you know someone who is, get them signed up on today and please link your work to your profile so we can all see and share your work. And of course, apply for our job!


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