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Eureeca Global Crowdinvesting Platform facilitates equity investment opportunity for Middle East’s first virtual skills marketplace

Dubai (UAE):.  Nabbesh, the Middle East’s first virtual skills marketplace launched its quest for capital on Eureeca, the first global crowdinvesting platform for small & medium businesses to source funding from the crowd.

As a dynamic online business in the Middle East, Nabbesh has chosen Eureeca to raise funds for its fast-growing venture for expansion and continued growth, which operates as a marketplace to bring together businesses looking for funding and crowd investors seeking new investment prospects, provides a platform to facilitate a funding round for Nabbesh, with an entry level for interested investors starting as low as $100.

To date, Nabbesh has already proven great success with over 17,000 members and over 1,300 freelance and project based jobs posted on the site. Already identified as a high potential business when it won the inaugural Middle East startup reality TV show, ‘The Entrepreneur’ earlier in the year, Nabbesh brings together skills and opportunities in a simple, effective platform that goes beyond the traditional employment models. Using Nabbesh, people across the MENA region can offer their skills (whether graphic design, accounting, cake-baking or tutoring) and services to people or businesses needing those skills. For businesses, Nabbesh means access to an on-demand regional talent pool, ability to substantially save on overheads and the freedom to scale based on market demand.

The company is expected to reach its funding target on Eureeca in record time.  Within minutes of going live today, the campaign already garnered $15,000 of investment.

Loulou Khazen Baz, CEO and Founder of Nabbesh said: “Nabbesh is in the business of disrupting the way people find jobs and crowdinvesting is disrupting the way businesses find funding so it was a natural fit for us to raise funds on Our platform is an innovative business that includes the building of a community, so what better way to seek capital for our fast-growing venture than through the community or crowd of potential investors we will have access to through Eureeca. ”

As with all businesses listing their proposals on Eureeca, Nabbesh will be open to funding for a 90-day period.  Find out more at the link here

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