By: Tori Leckie


It’s the start of July … the humidity is rising like a phoenix from the flames and Ramadan is around the corner, which, for many of us, means one thing … time to escape to cooler climes and take a well-deserved holiday! But do you sometimes find yourself in a panic that all the hard work to keep in good shape will go out the window?  That lazy lunches with friends and family or being away from your regular gym buddies will leave you with excess kilos and a distinct lack of drive?

Well, worry not!

It is perfectly possible to stay F.I.T when on the move.  In fact, it can leave you feeling better than ever as the change in routine will kick-start your body and avoid the dreaded plateau. Just follow these top tips and you can stay in tip-top shape ready to hit the ground running (no pun intended!) on your return…

  • Plan Ahead

    If staying at a hotel, do some research and book somewhere with good gym facilities.  Many hotels also offer fitness classes, group runs and even TRX’s in the rooms. If your preferred choice has no fitness facilities, ask whether they can organise a free or discounted pass at a local gym.

  • Pack Smart

    If you’re constantly on the move, keep a bag partially packed.  If you have your training kit close to hand when doing a last-minute pack, you’ll be less likely to forget anything and more likely to make an effort on arrival when you unpack it at the other end!

  • Eat Smart

    Holidays often spell calorie-laden affairs with indulgent breakfasts, lavish lunches and extravagant dinners so think ahead and fill up on vegetables, salads and lean protein before your eyes lay sight of the naughty options. Throughout the day, keep some healthy snacks close to hand, such as almonds or dried fruit so when hunger pangs emerge, you need not resort to your nearest fast-food joint.  Lastly, stay well hydrated which will keep hunger at bay and help to combat fatigue and jet-lag.

  • Seek out training buddies

    If you find it easier to get motivated with a training buddy at your side, seek out potential training partners, be that a long lost friend, neighbor or family member and commit to making a join effort to workout together.

  • Mix it up

    Don’t worry about not maintaining the same type or intensity of exercise that you would at home.  Mixing it up is effective and keeps you motivated; a 15-minute room-based session with a resistance band or skipping rope, for example, will work both your upper and lower body, giving you maximum benefits in minimum time.  Alternatively, if in the gym, switch regularly between cardio and strength training to maximize the number of calories burnt.

  • Dare to Wear

    Wear quick drying workout gear whenever possible; it weighs little and can easily be washed and hung to dry in your room. Or of course, ignore this one and treat yourself to some new threads … you’re on holiday after all and besides, look good, feel good!

  • The early bird catches the worm

    For those who normally work out later on in the day, getting sidetracked with family commitments or evening entertainment can be all too easy. Opt instead for a training session first thing.  You’ll feel energized for the rest of the day and have built up a well-deserved appetite for a hearty breakfast.

  • Travel in Style

    En route to and from your destination, you can take various steps to minimize the disruption to your routine.  During a long flight, get up and walk around regularly, stay well hydrated and take along your own snacks.  Better still, when you check in on-line, opt for a healthy meal option to cut back on the usual preservative-filled airline food.

  • Just another day!

    Remember that despite being in another city / country and following a different routine, it shouldn’t be too hard to practice the same habits you would during at home … try for example to go to bed / get up at roughly the same time.

At the end of the day, it’s far easier to return from holiday without requiring too much work to return to your previous levels of fitness and wellbeing … and when returning to the office, your inbox will no doubt be demanding your full attention anyway leaving little opportunity to escape to the gym and get back with the programme.

Happy holidays!


Tori Leckie is a writer, a runner, a blogger and an adidas athlete. She travels alot, plays hard, works a little and makes every day a grand adventure. Heard of Tim Ferriss’s much acclaimed book, the 4-Hour Work Week?  Well, Tori is a living, breathing Dubai-based example of this.  She’s designed her own life to make every day a gift and is now helping the Nabbesh community do same. Visit her blog (, ‘like’ her on Facebook (Fit chicks & fast women) and enjoy her winning words!


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