By: Loulou Khazen Baz

Meet Catherine Sunga! A working mother, a legal PA and above all things an artist!

It is a strange yet interesting combination… Catherine is an artist at heart and she discovered her passion for art in her twenties while she was growing up in the Philippines.

In her hometown, Art was considered an elite’s choice of education and Catherine was by no means part of the elite. That fact however did not let her shy away and feel inferior to her classmates. Instead, Catherine let her talent show through her work and managed to pull through her education and pursue her dream to become an artist.

When growth opportunities for Catherine were on the decline, and like many of her compatriots, Catherine seeked refuge in the Gulf where she embarked on her journey to become a legal PA.

Years later, life was smiling back at Catherine! A young mum with two children and a lot of ambition to pursue once more her dream to become an artist. Her breakthrough came when she was contacted by a UK/Dubai based publishing compnay whichwas developing a children’s book… Among many illustration artists, Catherine’s work was chosen and she managed to have her work published which was one of her proudest moments and her cue to never give up on her passion.

When asked about her feeling while she is panting, Catherine said that she completely zones out and finds her peace as if she is whisked into her own almost “Alice in wonderland” type world!

Catherine does not want to be defined as a person by her professional work as she has a lot more to offer and when asked about her future goals and aspirations, Catherine is adamant to pursue her art and have her own studio, she also hopes to exhibit her art at a prestigious gallery one day!

Catherine’s struggles have not dampened her kind heart and big smile! Her motto is: “people have a good side to them, if you’re nice to them, they’re going to have to reciprocate”.

Apart from caring for her children and pursuing her art, Catherine loves to collect little toys and she admitted with a cheeky smile that she has a love for stuffed toys which every once in a while have to fight over with her children. Each one of us have their vices right?

If money was no obstacle, Catherine’s wish would be to teach art: “Art should be for the masses, social class should not determine who gets into art. I would like to be able to give back to my community by teaching the less fortunate children how to draw and paint because talent is a gift from God and everyone should be able to get the chance to utilize it.”

To all our nabbesh readers, we hope Catherine’s story has inspired you to never give up on your dreams even when life makes you change course. There are always opportunities for each one of us around the corner if we keep an open heart and mind.

To view Catherine’s work, you can check out her book on Amazon “Izzy’s Tail” by Suzanne Kalloghlian.


  1. Wonderful book with AWESOME illustrations!! Love it!! Love it, love it, love it!! Need I say more! Proud of you Cathy!


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