By: Nadine Sayegh

Greetings from the nabbesh team!

Today’s post is about a wonderful lady with a passion for children, education and cooking!. It’s so heart-warming (not to mention rare…) we had to share it with everyone! Thoraya Nasser Charwani was born and raised in the far away land of Belgium and has 4 sisters and a brother. So she is no stranger to a full and lively household! She went to an international school and pursued higher education in London with a degree in Childcare and Education.

A calm, easy going and caring person are the minimum requirements to understand children and Thoraya has surpassed them, to say the least. Patience, sensitivity and creativity are just a few traits that help her understand the (not so mild) mannerisms of tiny humans. She takes a great pleasure in her occupation and feels like her highest self when she is surrounded by her loved ones and educating and entertaining children.

Before I continue readers, you must prepare yourself. Without realizing it, you may say ‘awwww’ more than once. (This is NOT gender specific)

Thoraya has had several years of teaching experience but what is truly notable is that she created a preschool curriculum for a school in southern Bombay, India. With help of an assistant she took on this challenging task and worked without rest until she completed it. As Thoraya lives in Belgium and Dutch is not her native tongue, teaching there has not been an option yet. She hopes to learn Dutch in order to begin working within the Belgian school systems. Also, she hopes to be able to implement a more child-oriented program into Dutch schools, which revolves around the child’s wants and needs.

When we discussed her own children she said, “My patience plays a big role in being an active mother. I am able to understand and tend to all of my child’s needs and interests. I am very involved in her health and put a lot of effort into making sure she has a very balanced and fun diet. I enjoy cooking healthy and tasty dishes as well as serving them in a creative and attractive way.” (We wish our mom’s could make broccoli fun..)

Also, the entrepreneurial fire shines brightly in Thoraya, she hopes that one day she can open her own business that caters to the needs of children and to the needs of their parents as well. When asked if she could do something for free for the rest of her life she replied, “If I were to do something for free for the rest of my life, I would have my own children’s public library in Lebanon where parents can bring their children to read books and do group reading activities. Or I would have my own café in Lebanon, which would be aimed at children and their parents, offering food and cooking classes.” In addition she says, “10 years from now my aim is to have enough money to build a public park in Lebanon for everyone to enjoy.”

So we move on to a lighter and more nabbesh note, Thoraya’s skills are but are not limited too: Writing Poetry, writing stories, cooking, baking, reading and making posters for children. *Deep breath*, that is quite the list. She expects that nabbesh will introduce people with similar skills and interests to one another! We certainly hope so.

Childcare is very important, especially in today’s society. Today, many parents are finding difficulty balancing their work lives with their family lives. We hope that Thoraya has inspired you to at least make food time with your kids more enjoyable.  So bring out your pots and pans and enjoy cooking!

That’s all we have time for today folks, tune in next time to try on someone else’s shoes!

Blogger’s Bio: Nadine Sayegh is completing a BA in Communication Arts. She is currently in her last semester at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. An avid user of social media; She is a freelance blogger, copywriter and editor.  Contact details:

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