Going Freelance – My Second Year as a Self-Employed Designer

This is a guest post by Danny Ammounah, Founder & Creative Director of The Design Hat.

This summer will mark the end of my second year as a freelance designer and I’m still here to tell the tale! After a short spell away from my regular blog entries and launch of my new portfolio website, I’m returning to my “Going Freelance” diary to discuss my year. Hopefully this will give you some helpful pointers and insights into the world of a freelance designer (and being self employed in general) as well as to help myself by going over what has changed throughout my second year as a freelancer, what I’ve learnt and what the future holds.


6 reasons why your email marketing might not be converting

This is a guest post by Uzair, who's is a passionate professional blogger who loves to write on technology and digital marketing related topics.

Predicting conversions though email marketing can be a tiresome job simply because the one thing that you can never predict is your receiver’s reaction upon receiving your emails. True you can optimize your emailing marketing strategies buy following relevant guides, but if you’re emails aren’t working then at the very least that does imply that you’re doing something wrong.Maybe one or more of the following.


Best 4 Arabic Translation Tools!

Living in the Middle East, you might have issues from time to time if you can’t speak or understand Arabic. Legal documents, traffic fines, contracts, etc might all be in Arabic and there would always be a need to either learn Arabic ( Its tough! ) or Hire a Arabic translator to back you up.

Its always great to have free tools around to help us in hard times but having too many tools puts the person in dilemma not knowing which tool to trust. The best way to tackle this would be go through some reviews and get started.


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