Arabic Translation: Not as easy as أ ب ت (ABC)

This is a guest post from Naila Missous, a writer and a translator of Arabic, French and English. Find her tweeting at @N_MissousKadry or hire her on Nabbesh

Translation is an art: yes, an art. In order to get from one language, to the other, and convey the same message, one must hold close the message yet seamlessly glide from the original language to the target language.

The modern day translator seems to have every tool at his or her fingertips. From online resources, dictionaries and dictation software, what could possibly go wrong?


Never stop learning

This a guest post from Adnan Karimjee, an Entrepreneur in Dubai and a Client Relationship Manager at inkMASH

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future.” - Eric Hoffe

When I left university I was overjoyed. No more lectures, no more earning, no more deadlines, no more stress! Now to start my career path and start making some money! Well that notion worked for a while until the recession hi
t and realising that if you are not working you have a lot of time on your hands. Stories floated around about people returning to university or taking on various training courses. In theory it was a great idea. The thinking being that the more knowledge you have the better advantage you have over the next candidate. However, for me personally I saw 2 problems with this:


3 Lessons I Learnt While Working For Startups

This a guest post from Adnan Karimjee, an Entrepreneur in Dubai and a Client Relationship Manager at inkMASH

Startups aren’t for everyone. It is not your typical 8 hour, 5 days a week job. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions that will take you on some lows and some frequent highs – but yet, the rewards are phenomenal. But before you go sending your CV to the latest and greatest start-ups, have a read on the lessons I have learnt while working for a startup.

1. Leave Your Pride At The Door

One of my duties every morning would be to water the plants before getting down to work. You have to be completely comfortable doing all sorts of tasks which in larger company may have help to cover. Making coffee while between sales calls or picking up lunch for the rest of the team are just some of the random tasks you can be expected to do in startups.


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