From Idea to a Community of 40,000. Nabbesh turns 2!

Freelance in dubai

Happy Birthday Nabbesh!

Earlier today, we sent all 40,000 of our loyal community members the below message thanking you all for inspiring us over the past 2 years.  We asked you all to celebrate with us by tweeting #happybirthdayNabbesh, and tweet you did!  Thanks to all of your amazing stories, freelance jobs, support, and tweets!


Thank you for being part of our community and part of our success. For 2 years, you have inspired us by sharing your amazing stories and sending us wonderful support e-mails!

From designers to software engineers, read more…

How I turned a Passion into a Job: My Journey to Freelance Writing


The ideal that surrounds becoming a freelancer can seem very optimistic: you get to work in a space that is comfortable to you, work hours that suit you, and hey, sometimes you don’t even need to step foot outside of your house!

‘But that’s not your real job. What do you really do?’

All too often, people who would never consider freelance as a way of life, may decide to offer their own advice; the type that indirectly, yet very directly, tells you that being a freelance writer isn’t a proper job, and read more…

14 Ways for the Class of 2014 to Land a Job

Congratulations Class of 2014,  you’ve just entered the real world!  And while you may only be entering with one expensive piece of paper, “they” say you needed it to get the one thing you are looking for right now: your first job!  Sure you face a few challenges, but Nabbesh is here to help with 14 ways to land your first job!

1. Ignore so-called conventional wisdom that says you need experience to get a job.  We all started from zero at one point or another in our lives. read more…

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