Best 4 Arabic Translation Tools!

Living in the Middle East, you might have issues from time to time if you can’t speak or understand Arabic. Legal documents, traffic fines, contracts, etc might all be in Arabic and there would always be a need to either learn Arabic ( Its tough! ) or Hire a Arabic translator to back you up.

Its always great to have free tools around to help us in hard times but having too many tools puts the person in dilemma not knowing which tool to trust. The best way to tackle this would be go through some reviews and get started.


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Freelancing in the Middle East? Follow these 4 tips to get started!


The path to freelancing isn’t necessarily a straight one. People turn to freelancing at various junctures in their lives but one thing is for sure, it is always an option. Freelancing simply means that you are not committed to one employer and you get to “choose” what you want to work on, at a time that works for you.

Becoming a freelancer in the Middle East can be challenging since we still lack the “freelance” mindset and the infrastructure to support freelancers is somewhat nascent. Building on our experience at, we offer you 4 tips to get started!


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